Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Listen Up

Transformational Giving is about the champion and the cause and not just us. Check out the 10 Principles of TG. So this means that personal interaction with champions involves more listening than talking.

In most of our fund-raising we think about what we should say. We even train one another in ‘how to talk the talk’ of fund-raising. TG has us talking less and listening more.

A great way to listen is to ask questions. This gives the donor/champion something to talk about. Let me get the ball rolling by giving you a few questions you can ask.

“What moved you to getting involved?” Or as my good friend Eric Foley puts it, “Why in the world are you giving to my ministry?” This gets the champion talking. Now you can listen and see what God is doing in their life.

Doug Cater of Equip and WGM Board member uses this question. “Tell me more about what you feel God calling you to do?” See, it is about what God is calling the champion to do.

Maybe try this, “What do you see God intending to do through your giving?” Many donors may not be able to answer this right away. But to move the donor into becoming a champion this is certainly a question they need to answer in their own journey.

If you have other questions to help the giver see the power of God in their gift share them with us…

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