Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As you build you have to have a foundation. In thinking, principles equal building blocks. My home is built on a foundation made with blocks. My thinking is built on a foundation made with principles. So what are the building blocks for Transformational Giving? Well they are the 10 principles authored by my trainer, Eric. Here they are…

Principle 1: Every act of giving is first and foremost a statement about the faithfulness of God.

Principle 2: Transformational giving is based on the abundance and trustworthiness of God, not a theology of scarcity.

Principle 3: It is better to give than to receive.

Principle 4: A champion connects with an organization for the purpose of enhancing their mutual impact on the cause, not only to support the organization’s impact on the cause.

Principle 5: A Transformational Giving relationship between a champion and an organization is primarily a peer-level accountability relationship, not merely a friendship or a mutual admiration society.

Principle 6: The champion, not the organization, is called to be the primary means of advancing the cause within the champion’s sphere of influence.

Principle 7: The relationship between champion and champion is as important as the relationship between champion and organization.

Principle 8: Giving is not the process but rather one vital result of the process of a champion being comprehensively coached to share the cause effectively within his or her sphere of influence.

Principle 9: Giving is learned, not latent.

Principle 10: Champions categorize themselves not according to the amount of their giving but by the degree of comprehensive personal ownership they are exhibiting in the cause.

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