Monday, April 4, 2011

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A few years ago World Gospel Mission partnered with Eric Foley and his consulting group, Doers of the Word. Through this relationship the Lord opened up the world of TRANSFORMATIONAL GIVING to WGM.

For me as a pastor now working with a mission agency, the teachings of transformational giving resonated as I looked with a fresh vision into scripture to see what God says about money.

Churches and mission agencies are faith based. We all depend on the giving of others to eat. But it is deeper than that. At the end we realize that God is the Giver, not the congregation.

In my journey, the lesson from scripture that has impacted me the most is 1 Kings 17:7-16. This is where God stops feeding Elijah with ravens and now has a widow give him her last meal. What was God thinking? A widow? Why not a king? Or why not leave her alone and let the ravens keep up the good work?

But the widow, whom we do not even have a name for, was changed. Her life was transformed by giving. It didn’t change Elijah, the recipient. After all he had ravens feed him just last week. He still gets to eat. But the widow was changed. Her resources ended and she still ate because God’s resources have no end. In fact God proved what we claim to be true, HE IS AN ABUNDANT GOD.

This blog is a journey as a result from a stopover in Zarephath.

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