Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leadership and Giving

Here is a question that was posed to leaders that is critical for every leader to answer: “If I follow you will I find Christ at the end?” Great question!!

Now, take this question and apply it to your fund raising strategy. I think we will find that the answer is not found in a transactional/traditional fund raising mindset. Let’s take the principle behind this question and phrase it in a way the champion might ask you about your ministry.

If I give to your ministry will the gift lead to Christ?

Think about this for a moment. Does the giver’s investment in your ministry change them, or does it just get you funded. I believe every gift has the potential to change the giver that is how God works. But think how much more we could show Christ if we were intentional about the gifts doing more than simply funding the ministry. What if we built a strategy that treats each gift as part of the givers discipleship journey, keeping in mind that at the end of the disciple journey the purpose is to see Christ?

All of our ministry’s have the goal that the funds received are used to advance the Kingdom of Christ for the ‘receivers’. But as leaders we are also responsible to help the donor see Christ as well. Leaders can help donors become champions, and help champions see the power of God through giving. In giving the champion is being like Christ.

We can help champions see that they reflect Christ through their gift. When this happens we will see the gift multiply (perhaps not financially) because when Christ is reflected we reach the goal of the showing people Christ. So leadership and giving must be linked. We not only lead our staffs and the recipients of our outreach, but we must also lead the donor. Christ-like leadership leads to Him and so too does Christ-like giving.

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