Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Practice what we preach?

As those who work with helping mobilize the Church to give, we must always be willing to practice what we preach. Are we givers? Are we good stewards? These questions need to be answered and not just personally, but as a local church, mission agency, relief agency etc. In other words, are the instiutions we serve good stewards and givers.

Do we give back or are we always receiving? Does your church give to missions, local groups whatever? Does your agency give to help others, or is it all just receiving?

Hear what Ravi Zacharias says in his book, The Grand Weaver. He has a small but power section on giving in the chapter titled Your Worship Matters (pgs 148-149). But this one quote from that section needs to be heard by all who raise funds.

“Spending more and more on ourselves and giving less and less to the world in need may be the very reason few take our mission seriously.”

We should not teach Transformational Giving if we are not helping our ministry lead the way in giving. Zacharias is right about more and more spending weakens our message. The Church spends far too much on itself before addressing the needs around us. The good news is, every time I hear a testimony that reflects a body of believers who does not fall into this category, I see a thriving outreach for God.

It would be a blessing for us to hear more testimonies of institutions and churches who lead the way in giving. If you have one, by all means post it here for the readers.

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