Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving Forward

We see that Transformational Giving has a discipleship element to it as the giver grows in her relationship to God. Any move of obedience deepens our walk with Christ, giving does this as well.

In TG we see there is progression in this discipleship journey. In the next few posts we will touch on a possible way for the institution to track and strategize with the giver to actually disciple him in giving.

For those who are regular readers of Eric Foley’s blog these next few posts may be review.

At WGM we define the movement of the giver, or champion as we call them, in three stages. The first stage is what is called a PARTICIPANT, or simply “P” level. This is the champion who usually works with you at the follow level:

- Project level
- Short term
- High touch/High yield
- Understandable without knowing you or the agency.

An example is the Christmas Shoebox Project you may do at Christmas. My church does these and the large majority do not even know that Samaritans’ Purse is behind this. It is a single project that is very short-term. It is easy to do with high involvement from the champion.

Another example may be a mission agency’s work team member. They go do a project. It is short-term, maybe two weeks. The project is very high touch and high yield as well. And a team member can go to a mission field and help missionaries without really knowing much about the agency they work with.

Every ministry needs “P” level activities to engage champions. Everybody has a role they can play and the “P” level activities are great levels to get involvement. TG will not happen without involvement that goes beyond check writing.

Perhaps a good exercise is to identify the “P” activities you offer the champion.

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