Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More than once

Well our friend Eric Foley never fails to bring a “I wonder” moment to my mind. Check out this blog entry he has about random acts of kindness.

So here is what I wonder after reading the above blog entry… Are onetime givers or what I call the ‘onetime gifter’, falling into the same potential pitfall the random act of kindness may create. As Eric so ably states,

"You will no more become a kinder person through random acts of kindness than you will become a physically fit person through random acts of exercise."

Apply this to missions,or any type of outreach. The onetime gifter is no more mission minded after this gift than I am physically fit after one trip to the gym. The recurring gift is not just important to your account, it is also important to the spiritual journey of the champion.

The job then for us as we disciple others, is to help the onetime gifter actually become a champion. But mind you, if we do this only for our bottom line we are being fake. However if our heart is to help the champion become ‘mission fit’, then recurring giving could be a start to their mission health.

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