Wednesday, January 15, 2014

That's a Lot of Gold

As you read through the design plans in Exodus for the Ark of the Covenant, the furniture of the tabernacle and the tabernacle itself have you ever notice all the gold God asked them to use.

Think for a moment about all that gold…

The Children of Israel are former slaves.  Slavery is all they know.  Now God frees them from Egypt and on the way out the front gates, God has the Egyptians pay them to leave.  They give them gold, silver, bronze, linen etc.   Imagine being a slave your whole life and now your rich.
The Israelites are now free.  They have crossed the Red Sea, the Egyptians are dead and no longer in pursuit, manna is falling from heaven, water is coming from rocks and now God comes to give His plan for worshipping Him.  The way this worship gets accomplished is if the people give.

Think with me a moment.  You have been a slave.  Now you have all this stuff from the Egyptians.  And God now ask for it to be used to for the items that you and other generations will have for worship. Your reaction could be one of several.

  • I just got this gold, why do I have to give it up now.
  • I would like to keep my gold so when we get to the promise land I can build a nice house.
  • I am still not sure about Moses so I will keep my gold in case I find a better way to use it, for instance, what if someone wants to build a golden calf.

But do the Children of Israel really need all this gold?  They live in the wilderness. God provides all their food, clothes, shoes everything.  So why did He give them the gold?  Did He give them gold for them to give back to Him for worship?  I think so.  They do not need the gold for themselves.  So God asked them to give it to Him.

The gold of the Children of Israel is no different than the incomes we earn today.   God is our provider.  He gets me my food, clothes shoes etc. Your income and my income are from God.  So when God asked for it back, no problem.  He gave it in the first place.  And when I give it to God it is for the same purpose of the giving in Exodus…it is for HIS use.  If he wants to cover a lampstand with it fine.  The Children of Israel’s gold was for God’s use.  The same is true of your gold and mine.  What we have is for HIS use.


  1. Todd,

    This is such a good post. I have recently become aware of how 'disobedient' we good Christians have become. God reveals something to us, (through scripture or even a blog) and unless we obey within 24 to 48 hours by acting on it, we 'shelve it' for further review or prayer, and promptly forget it - thus becoming disobedient. Thanks for letting God use you to 'spur me on to good works.

  2. Thanks Mark. Glad to hear God has used this to help. We all have a long way to go. Thankful for God's help.