Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Major Donor?

Does a big gift make you a major donor? Maybe. If all we want are donors and their money, then I guess a major gift would make you a major donor. But if we want more than money and giving is about transformation and people, then big dollars are not the standard of measurement. In Transformational Giving donors become more than ATM’s, donors become champions of the cause. If this is the case then big gifts and big champions are not necessarily equal.

While in Zarephath, we see the widow did not have much to give. In fact her gift was small and it only appeared to be one meal worth in the midst of a drought. Not major gift by traditional standards.

However, it was major for her.

The small gift may not seem major to the mission or church, but it may be to the giver and to God.

Let’s try this: do not categorize the champion of the cause according to the size of the gift. What if instead we looked at the champion based on his/her involvement and ownership of the cause?

Let me ask this question for us to discuss… A while back my office received a LARGE gift for a project. One donor helped us hit the half way mark of the goal with one gift. We followed up the gift by offering this donor work team opportunities, chances to meet and greet the missionary, prayer opportunities, etc. The giver graciously declined any further involvement. They just wanted to help this project and that was all. Major gift yes. Major champion??? You tell me….

If you said, “No” to this donor being a major champion, how should this answer change your efforts to fund your ministry?

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