Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Really Not About Me

In Christian teaching we focus on the fact that it is not about us. The core of Christianity is self-denial. But somewhere between learning this truth and our fund-raising presentations we forget the fact that it is not about us. So our fund raising presentations are usually all about us.

This sounds harsh and you may say, “I focus on what God is doing.” This may be true but is this focus about what God is doing through YOU?

If fund raising is to get beyond just getting dollars and to become transformational, we need the focus where it belongs. Check out this entry sent to me by a fellow missionary/fund-raiser who is doing great TG research.

This blog entry is great about being sure the focus is not just about us. I love the example he uses about how his group makes it possible for generous people to get involved.

As Christians we can take this lesson one step further. We can help the listener see how our ministry is not about ourselves but about the spiritual discipline we all must be a part of and that is generosity. One mark of spiritual maturity is generosity. The reason this is a mark of maturity is because it reflects our faith in God to be the Provider. When faith is big, giving gets big as well.

If our fund-raising is only focused on us, we may never get past us to them, and ultimately to the Provider.

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