Monday, April 11, 2011

God Has Enough

In today’s world of budget cuts, high gas prices, national debt, etc, etc, etc. Each of us knows that our resources are limited. We know the principles of not spending more than we make. We see the dangers of deficits whether in our nation, church or agency. These dangers and these principles are real but if we are not careful they can also trump our faith.

Many mission agencies, churches, and individuals have a pie chart for budget talks. Each department or ministry hopes they get their ‘share’ of the pie. But the truth of the matter is, God does not have pie charts.

The widow of Zarephath had a budget. It was empty. She was on her last scoop of flour and when it is gone she was done. So her resources were all used up and there would be no more. Then God got involved and the flour never ran out.

God does not have pie charts but he does have bread slices. And from what I see He never runs out. Whether the widow at Zarephath or the boy who gave Christ his lunch. Both had what they needed and no one was left out.

If giving is to transform, then faith must trump budgets. I know many churches who ask the congregations for faith promise giving. You know…Pledge to give what you do not see and trust God to meet the pledge. Then the church or agency leadership has a tendency leave the faith promise concept at the door when they approve budgets. Transformational giving does not advocate poor stewardship, but it does promote faith. No reason for faith promise not to make into the board room. After all God does not run out of flour.

So before we can look at practical steps to implement for transformational giving, we must agree that God has enough.

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