Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't work for just tips

Money is not the end all gauge to successful Transformational Giving but it is a big part of it. After all ‘Giving’ is in the title so finances must be a portion of the measurement for success.

In the magazine Outcomes David Willis discusses what he calls a Vision for Generosity. In this issue he distinguishes between what he calls ‘tipping’ and giving. Tipping happens when we simply exchange information. So tipping is the equivalent of an offering for you after a service. Then you leave the church and that is all you ever hear from the church and their members. The offering sometimes is just a ‘tip’ for coming. The tip is based on your ‘service’. (Pun intended). Good service good tip, bad service bad tip. Tough way to fund a ministry uh?

Giving is more than tipping. Giving happens when participation and engagement occur. Giving goes far beyond the dollar. The dollar is part of it but it goes further. It is action based not spectator based. It is relational. We are developing people not accounts. Your account is a portion of the fruit but not all. (ie. Transformational Giving) Remember, works produce fruit, not fruits produce work.

I would encourage all of you to read the Fall 2010 issue of Outcomes magazine. It is all over Transformational Giving.

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