Friday, September 16, 2011

Moving Forward - Part 3 of 3

This is the final stage in moving champions forward. We have identified two levels already: Participate, and Engaged. This step is the Ownership level or the “O”.
To disciple a champion to this level it is the process of helping the champion become the owner of mobilizing others for the cause within their sphere of influence.

A champion is an owner when the following happen:
• Transfer cause to others
• Provide tools for others in working in the cause
• Reproducing yourself in others ie. Getting non active Christians to participate.
• This is a transfer of cause, not legal transfer

The moving forward is not linear movement. Rather it is circular in that the Owner brings in others to the Participant level of the cause and as they move deeper the cycle reproduces itself and the cause grows.

The Owner no longer waits on the agency or institution to move them forward. They move themselves and take the responsibility to move others in their sphere of influence. Reproducing becomes key at this level. Thus making empowerment one of your major tools in the journey you have with the “O’s”.

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