Friday, July 22, 2011

Someone who wants to raise support

A missionary sent me this article, “20 Reasons Why I Want to Raise Support”.

Some good stuff. Note #4 on the list.

4. Expands my ministry to include my supporters. It enables me to encourage, share with, pray for, counsel, and make a difference in my supporters’ walk with Jesus.

This is much better than seeing the supporter as an ATM. See the health in treating the champion as part of the ministry rather than a means to a ministry?

I was invited one time to listen to a ministry update. They called it a party. Never I have I heard the word ‘me’ so much in one presentation. No one in the room knew each other and the focus was not on the guests, just on the 'me' at thr front of the room. I was not part of the ministry any more than their interest rate on their bank account. I wish the presenters saw me as part of those whose life they could change and not just ask me for more of my change (You know, the kind in my pocket.)

This list has several good points to help us see our fund-raising about so much more than ‘me’. God help us to focus being agents of transformation.

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