Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fear Factor

In C. S. Lewis’ classic, Mere Christianity, Lewis makes this observation about giving, or the lack there of:
"For many of us the great obstacle to charity (giving) lies not in our luxurious living or desire for more money, but in out fear – fear of insecurity."

This is true for many believers. It is not grand dreams of being rich or owning the best of everything that keeps many from giving.  Most times the lack of giving is much more subtle and perhaps more dangerous than an unhealthy desire to be the ‘fat cat’.  Most times the lack of giving is tied to a lack of trust.  It may be a lack of trust in God to be the one who takes care of us.  Or sometimes it is a lack of trust in God to supply our needs even when we do not feel we have anything to give.

Both as a person who gives and a person who raises funds, you need to first model and then teach the truth of TG principles #1 and #2.

Principle 1: Every act of giving is first and foremost a statement about the faithfulness of God.

Principle 2: Transformational giving is based on the abundance and trustworthiness of God, not a theology of scarcity.
Living and believing what God word says about His ability to supply is the key factor in living without the fear Lewis addresses.  Our security must not be in things but in Him.

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