Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Can Give

Giving is such a huge part of who God is. Nothing reveals this more than Christmas. So isn’t it interesting that so few who call themselves Christians give as Christ asked us to give.

I was in a church that apologized for taking an offering. Another asked guest not to give. I know their intent is in the right place because many outside the church see those inside the church as only after their money. But look at this through discipleship eyes. Since giving is being Christlike, and this is part of discipleship, it is like saying, “We do not want our visitors to reflect Christ this week, wait until you get to know us better before you decide to reflect Christ by giving.”

Everyone can give. In fact in the world of missionary outreach we face real issues when a culture feels they are ‘exempt’ from giving because they do not have enough. Watch this video and then tell me some people just do not have enough to give.

The church in the video from Mizoram, India was described by the pastor in the video as the poorest of the poor. But as a result of the “Handful of Rice” a church emerged and now raised $1,500,000 for outreach. They send missionaries all over the world. Their gift has changed the world for Christ.

Giving is a huge part of who Christ is. You want to be like Christ, then give. Teach this. Live this.

(For a good book on the fact that everyone in Christ has something to give, read When Helping Hurts. A must read for all ministries.)

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