Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lead a Tribe

In 2008 Seth Godin wrote a book called Tribes. Great little book with the importance of leadership and relationship building. (Like it or not if you are a fund-raiser you are a leader. So lead properly!)

The book is wealth of insight on how to do what we call Champion Migration within the principles of TG. It deals with leading people forward in a cause. Godin helps us see a tribe is much different than a group. We all say we want big groups to support our cause, the bigger the groups the more support we have.

Be careful in wishing for a big group. Groups are fickle. Here today gone tomorrow. Just look at the last week of Christ’s life. They went from Hosanna to crucify in a flash.

Here are some differences Godin uses to compare a tribe versus a group:

• Tribes have purpose, groups do not
• Tribes are change agents, groups stay in the status quo
• Tribes are empowered, groups are lectured to

Give me the tribe.

You see the tribe rallies around the cause. They share passion with each other and know the direction they are headed. This helps them not be easily swayed from hosanna to crucify. Jesus focused on his ‘tribe’. The disciples. After the resurrection he gathered them and empowered them. Those leaders went and transformed the world.

Be the leader of a tribe, not a leader of a group. Your relationship with donors has far greater impact when you focus on the giver not the gift. Godin says, “Great leaders focus on the tribe, they are able to reflect light on to the team. They use the attention they get to reinforce the purpose of the team.” Pg 50.

Where does your light shine when you are fund-raising? On you or the donor/champion?

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