Wednesday, November 30, 2011


During this Christmas season watch the commercials, (I know I hate commercials too). They appeal to the joy of the giver as much as to the person getting the gift. Obviously they are trying to be sure their product will make you feel as good about buying it as the receiver will feel about opening it. Which goes to prove you cannot escape God’s truth, after all God is the one who said it is better to give than receive.

As Christian agencies and churches many of you reading this are on the ‘asking side’ of the giving season. We all have our special Christmas appeals, and year-end giving strategies. Nothing wrong with all this.

But let’s ask ourselves the question, “Are our strategies working to transform the giver as much as they are designed to transform the recipient?” Do our strategies reflect God’s truth that it is better to give? Are the methods we use helping the donor grow in their relationship to Christ?

God’s Word teaches us to be like Christ. Christ gave. So we can work to build our strategies to reflect Christ-likeness by helping people give. The great thing about transformational giving…it goes beyond the ‘cheesy’ jewelry commercials and really helps the believer deepen their relationship with the GIVER. Let’s work to focus on the donor’s journey as much as Madison Ave focuses on the buyer.

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