Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In the PEO spectrum of Transformational Giving, most ministries choke a little in thinking of the ownership. Some hate to think of the champion owning. We equate ownership with decision making and control and so we squirm at the idea.

First of all we need to get our need for control under control. God needs to be THE Owner, so perhaps we exercise too much control and the 'non-professional' feels devalued in our ministry. If control equals ownership then we need some redefining.

Transformational Giving does not go well for control freaks (whether the control freak is the ministry leadership or the champion.) You see transformation worries little about who gets credit or who wins the debate. So the word, 'ownership' in a transformational setting need not make us nervous. Rather it can open us up to be more collaborative with our champion base while at the same time not giving everyone who gives a vote on what this year's budget should look like.

Rather ownership can be the guide for our transformational giving and lifestyle. Ever watch a football game? See all the fans with the same color shirt on when the stadium looks all red, or blue or whatever color. The fans all dressed in the same color and dyed hair and painted faces are owners. Ever hear these fans talk about their favorite team. The say things like, "our guys" and "my players". Do the owners get worried about control when 'Joe fan' says, "MY team". Not at all. That is what they want. They want that fan involved and not just a spectator. They want them yelling and making noise and being an influence.

The owners are excited about the ministry. They influence others to get on ‘our team’. They get others excited to part of something big. Give us owners of The Cause!!!

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